Kids come first.

Let's protect our public schools.

Together for Our Public Schools is a grassroots, nonpartisan coalition of parents and community members advocating to protect inclusive, quality education in Orchard Park, New York.

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All kids should feel valued, included, and supported in our public schools.

Our Story

The Orchard Park School district has long been known for excellence. So much so that in November of 2022, the US Department of Education named OPHS a National Blue Ribbon School. Despite this fact, outside political forces are threatening our thriving district with tactics being used to harm school districts across the country. They are putting their agenda over the needs of our children.

For the past two years our community has voted to keep those devoted to plunging the OP school district into dysfunction off of the Board of Education. We voted to support and respect the expertise of our teachers, librarians and administrators. We voted to protect ALL of our students.  But the war rages on.

As extremism in our community grows, so does the need to organize against their efforts. That’s why we’re here. It’s YOUR voice that is vital to ensuring that kids continue to come first in Orchard Park, NY.

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What We Believe


The public schools in our community should remain places where all students β€” regardless of race, religion, gender orientation, or ability β€” are welcomed and can thrive and succeed.


All members of the community should be focused on working together for the sake of our students, not creating chaos and dysfunction with personal grievances and hostility toward administrators and teachers.

Excellence Over Extremism

Community members should reject the influence of extremist politics and divisive outside groups with alarming slogans and rhetoric and instead focus on maintaining the excellence of our schools.

Freedom to Read

We celebrate the American ideals and free speech and equality. Trying to limit what children read or learn based on bigotry or political beliefs is unpatriotic; it’s also censorship.

Respect for School Professionals

We respect administrators, teachers, librarians, board members, and other school staff as trained professionals. They deserve our respect β€” not name-calling, threats, and presumed bad intentions.

Evidence-Based Curriculum

Our children deserve a school community focused on evidence-based curriculum and instruction, not on personal score-settling and national political agendas.

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